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July 04 2015

One day I will find the right words and they will be simple.
— Jack Kerouac

April 26 2015

Then suddenly one night after supper as I was pacing in the cold windy darkness of the yard I felt tremendously depressed and threw myself on the ground and cried “I’m gonna die!” because there was nothing else to do in the cold loneliness of this harsh inhospitable earth, and instantly the tender bliss of enlightenment was like milk in my eyelids and I was warm. And I realized that this was the truth Rosie knew now, and all the dead, my dead father and dead brother and dead uncles and cousins and aunts. The truth that is realizable in a dead man’s bones and is beyond the Tree of Buddha as well as the Cross of Jesus. Believe that the world is an ethereal flower, and ye live. I knew this! I also knew I was the worst bum in the world. The diamond light was in my eyes.
— The Dharma Bums, Jack Kerouac (via coldwhisper)
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“…life is not worth, as we all know, and almost everything is bad, but we can not do anything about it, and live its paradise.“ 

 Jack Kerouac, 1950 letter to Allen Ginsberg

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April 02 2015

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March 30 2015

Something great is about to happen to me: I’m about to love somebody very much.
— Jack Kerouac, from Windblown World (via victoriajoan)
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March 22 2015

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March 14 2015

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February 12 2015

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allen & jack
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Allen Ginsberg
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January 28 2015

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Jack Kerouac
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Jack Kerouac
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January 19 2015

We are sealed
in our own little melancholy atmospheres, 
like planets, 
and revolving around the sun, 
our common but distant desire.
— Jack Kerouac, from a letter to Allen Ginsberg, August, 1945
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December 19 2014

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Najpiękniejszy prezent ever dzięki dzięki dzięki @jebaniutki <3
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December 04 2014

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November 10 2014

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November 05 2014

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